Horse-Care Emergency Fund

Thanks to everyone who helped us raise Cash for Splash’s vet expenses!

We are keeping the Horse-Care Emergency Fund open in case one of our horses has an important medical need similar to this one.


Right after Christmas 2013, Splash, one of the beloved members of our therapy herd, needed emergency veterinary care at Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center in Ringoes, NJ. Splash is a happy guy and a favorite among the volunteers and kids and adults in our program. Although initially his visit to the clinic looked like it would be a short one, Splash took a turn for the worse, spiking a high fever and showing increased colic symptoms. The vets at Mid-Atlantic did everything they could for him and, thanks to a more than a week of excellent care and Splash’s fighting spirit, he came home to Special Equestrians in early January and rejoined the program in April 2014.

As you can imagine, the bills mounted, surpassing our horse-care emergency fund. Thanks to everyone who helped meet Splash's extraordinary expenses, including an anonymous donor and Mid-Atlantic.

Splash, a Tennessee Walker/Morgan born in 2000, has a special story. He was owned and loved by a woman in her eighties who had raised him since a 3-year old, taught him to ride and drive, and spent many hours on long trail rides. When treatments for a serious illness interrupted her ability to ride and care for Splash, she offered him to Special Equestrians. He arrived in the spring of 2012 and immediately became a mainstay of our program and is terrific with our riders with autism, our seniors, our summer campers, and our kids ready to canter.

We hope to never need it, but we keep an active Horse-Care Emergency Fund. Every dollar counts. If you'd like to target your donation, click here.