Prospective Rider Form

Thank you for your interest in Special Equestrians. We are eager to help you become a part of the program! If you haven't been to our Programs page, click here to learn more.

In you are ready to submit an inquiry, please complete the form below (please note that currently forms cannot be submitted through Internet Explorer; please use another browser. We apologize for any inconvenience). This form and all private information you provide is kept strictly confidential and never released without your consent. Within five (5) business days, we will send you an electronic or printed copy of our new rider packet. 

Please be aware that certain disabilities require additional precautions to be taken when on or around horses, and some disabilties are contraindications to riding.

All paperwork must be completed by you, your doctor, and your PT/OT (as indicated on the forms) before you or your child can be considered for the program. (Please note that the Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy forms may not apply to each applicant.)

Once you have returned your completed forms, we will contact you to schedule an evaluation.

Evaluations take place at the day and time the lessons will be held, and riders are asked to wear long pants and closed-toed boots or sneakers with a rounded toe and small heel. Safety helmets are to be worn by all riders and will be provided.

An Evaluation Fee of $60.00 must be paid day of evaluation.

Once you become an active rider, all forms will need to be updated on an annual basis. Should the physical condition of the rider change at any time, Special Equestrians must be notified immediately and a new Physician Release Form must be completed.

It is important that you enter the email address where you wish to receive important updates, including class cancellations and schedule updates.

Please note that we may not be able to guarantee a position in your desired class type or day/time. Riders may be placed on a waitlist until a preferred space opens.


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