Annual Appeal

Horses heal, empower, and transform!

David is a bright, energetic 7-year-old who had been living with his mother at the rehabilitation facility while she was on her recovery journey. He was having some behavior problems, but when he came to SE this summer to ride and participate in unmounted activities, everyone saw a big change. He was excited to be with “his” therapy pony Music, and his mom and caregivers noted that his behavior improved: “He’s so much happier and more willing to engage in activities.” The staff also reported that the enthusiasm shown by David and the other children riding in the program was infectious, leading to more mothers expressing interest in riding and having their children participate.

Helping families cope as they navigate the addiction recovery process is another example of horses healing in extraordinary ways.

SE continues to offer innovative horse-assisted programs and recreational activities for people with disabilities, youth at risk, and groups and individuals facing a variety of physical, mental, and emotional challenges. 

Your support of our annual gift-giving appeal helps us offer programs to individuals with a wide range of challenges!

We now offer a wider variety of services for at-risk youth from schools and community agencies, as well as for children and adults affected by a cancer diagnosis. We take our horses to visit with residents in nursing and memory-care facilities; exciting new research shows that such visits improve short-term memory.

Our participants and their families are often coping with the emotional strain and significant financial pressures of living with a disability or social-behavioral issues. Nearly 30 percent of participants are supported through our scholarship program, and we never limit our scholarship dollars, so everyone who qualifies receives assistance. In addition, most of our school and institutional partners lack the funds to pay for the programs we provide.

Please make a donation today and help us make available the healing power of horses to all who could benefit! Your contribution helps us offer quality programs, provide top-notch care for our therapy horses, charge low fees to our participants, offer scholarships for those who need additional financial assistance, and provide services for a variety of underserved groups.

Please give at whatever level you can. Every dollar counts!