Annual Appeal

Can You Imagine?

Imagine you have limited movement or difficulty communicating or understanding. Imagine being traumatized by your surroundings or the threat of violence in your community. Imagine living with significant challenges.

Now imagine feeling the freedom of riding a horse and having a relationship with a being who doesn’t need words to communicate. Imagine your limitations diminishing or even disappearing. That’s what so many of our riders at Special Equestrians experience. 

Like Connie:

After twenty-six years of both conventional and alternative therapies, Connie knew she needed a change. When she suggested equine therapy to her physical therapist and doctor, they had their doubts, but after just one year of riding for thirty minutes a week, Connie says she feels stronger than she felt after therapy sessions in the past. Connie says it’s more than just physical—she feels happier and more confident in her daily life through this program. “Speaking as a former pharmacist, this therapy is much better than any anti-depressant. For me, therapy is four legs and a tail.”

Special Equestrians’ individual, group, and workshop programs continue to grow and expand, offering participants like Connie life-changing opportunities. Your financial support can help our riders keep on imagining even greater possibilities!

  • In 4,375 lessons a year, more than 350 riders ages 3-75 benefit from our mission-driven therapeutic riding programs to improve the physical, mental, and emotional well being of individuals with disabilities through the equine experience.
  • Representing diverse backgrounds, 80 percent of participants are 18 or younger. Nearly thirty percent are supported through our scholarship program, and we never limit our scholarship dollars, so everyone who qualifies receives support.
  • Our innovative school programs for disadvantaged and at-risk youth, as well as collaborations with groups of young adults with autism, increase participants’ self-awareness and confidence, improve school performance, and enhance life skills.

Please make a donation today! Your contribution helps us offer quality programs, provide excellent care for our horses, charge low fees, offer scholarships for those who need additional financial assistance, and host groups of at-risk students. Perhaps more importantly, it will help imaginations to soar!

Please give at whatever level you can. Every dollar counts!