Ebs In Memoriam 2017



Breed — Tennessee Walking Horse

Color — Black

Height — 16 hands (64 inches)

Best Horse Friend — Ben

Before coming to Special Equestrians — He's always been at Special Equestrians--thanks to fomer board member Christine Bowman.

With great sadness, we laid our beloved Ebs to rest on May 16, 2017, from heart failure. Ebs had been at Special Equestrians for nearly his entire life. Throughout his 34 years, Ebs touched the lives of our riders, staff, and volunteers like no other horse in our herd. Neither his age nor his tracheotomy kept him from lessons; he gave his last lessons three days before he died. We're not the only folks who recognized his awesomeness: PATH International named him the Region 2 Therapy Horse of the Year in 2009!

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