A Fairy Tale Halloween--2013 Student Costume Horse Show

Our 2013 annual Halloween Costume Student Horse Show couldn't have been any better! Our riders showed off their skills as our horses outshone themselves in our Fairy Tale Halloween.Thanks so much to the riders, their families, and all the friends of Special Equestrians who came out to cheer everyone on! And a huge thanks to the wonderful staff and especially to our amazing volunteers--we couldn't do it without you!!

In case you missed the show, here's the lineup of our "Fairy Tails": 

  • Suzie as Tinkerbell
  • Music as Peter Pan
  • Ellie as Snow White
  • Rolex as Sleepy the Dwarf
  • Rita as Goldilocks
  • Bear as Goldilocks’ Bear
  • Sonja as Cinderella
  • Ebs as Prince Charming
  • Halo as Little Red Riding Hood
  • Ben as the Wolf
  • Steven as Pinocchio
  • Splash as Aladdin
  • Scooter as Billy Goat Gruff